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Beauty cannot be questioned: it reigns by divine right.
cit. Oscar Wilde
Palazzo Bargali Petrucci - Firenze

t the end of the 1500s the Palace took the current architectural features, thanks to the work of architect Matteo Nigetti, pupil and assistant of architect Bernardo Buontalenti. The owner at the time, Belisario Vinta, Prime Minister of the Grand-Ducal Government, had placed a bust of Grand Duke Cosimo II de’ Medici on the large entrance door. In 1654 the building became part of the estate of Marquis Tempi who enlarged it and decorated it with beautiful frescoes, including one called “Time improves the Virtues and oppresses the Vices” by Ranieri del Pace, who also worked in collaboration with Giovanni Camillo Sagrestani.
The splendid lounges with frescoes look over the Arno River and from the large windows you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views of Florence from Ponte Vecchio to Santa Croce where the rowing club trains, facing the Uffizi Gallery and the splendid Palazzo Vecchio Tower.


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Palazzo Bargagli Petrucci - Firenze

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